Our Projects

1: Beauty Salon Training Center 

We have been giving free training since 2012, during the six month course we teach them Bridal Makeup, Party Make up, Hair dressing, Hena, Nail art and different types of facials.

During the last three and a half years we have taught this art to 160 girls, who are now working in small beauty salons in their homes. Some of them are working in big beauty salons and making a good living to support themselves and their families, which is what we hope for.


2: Stitching Course

We are providing free stitching courses to the women. During this 6 months course, we teach them to stitch all kinds of dresses for males, females and children. After becoming tailors they sew clothes for a trade and can afford to save and provide for their family.


3:Computer Courses

We provide computer courses to some women whose families don’t even allow them to watch TV. They have a limited knowledge of the world at large, but by allowing them access to the internet we liberate their minds. We think an online education is the fastest easiest way to train women and bring real change to our community. 11084176_674243332703060_8248315150143003787_o

4:School/ Academy

We have taught girls for free at our school since 1997. We currently have one hundred students trying to learn in the open yard. Our school has been here for 17 years and we have taught over 600 girls since its opening. Some of them are nurses, teachers and some are going to join the Pak Army and Police Department. Many have since become healthy and educated mothers.


5: Art Classes

We teach different art forms to our students, so they learn to describe their feelings through drawing. Our friend Malee Kenworthy teaches them this art online from America.



6:Self Defense Techniques 

We teach self defense techniques to our girls because our society constantly tells our women they are weak and useless. Society teaches them that they need a man to protect them. We want our girls to know they strong and can protect themselves from assault and abuse. We want to end violence against women.


7: Library 

At Zeph Education we have a small library where women read books on different subjects, especially ones related to women’s issues. By reading an hour a day the women learn about their civil rights, healthcare and how to live a healthy abuse free lifestyle.



8: Adult Basic Education Class  

Our adult basic education courses consist of math, computer skills, English skills etc. Women up to 60 years of age learn at our school. The passion for an education has no age limit.


10525920_646777568782970_5459552080083266209_n9: Vocational Training for Professional Beauticians

We provide one day vocational training to become a beautician so that the women can learn about new styles of makeup and hair dressing. We keep them updated on the latest changes and make sure they meet the requirements.



10: English language Learning Course

We know much of the world’s knowledge is preserved in the English language and that business is transacted in English, so we teach it as a subject. Many of our online classes are taught in English so its very important that our women learn the language.



11: Technical Courses for men

In collaboration with the IKAN Technical Training institute, we provide technical training to the men in our community as well.  We do not want them sitting idle without jobs and perpetuating the cycle of poverty that pains our community.


12:General Knowledge Class

We have a class that specifically teaches general knowledge, in which Sister Zeph and our friend and volunteer Saterra Gibbon teach our girls online all the way from United States of America.


13: Health Awareness Program

We provide health awareness to our girls and women  so that they can learn to be healthy. Our friend and national award winner, Urmila Chanam,  is working on women’s health all over the world and teaches our women in an online class.



14: Theatrical Performances to reform Society 

We arrange theatrical performances to bring a positive change in the mind of our community members. We want to show the community that girls have rights that need to be respected.



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